Honeymoon Du Jour!

Congratulations you are tying the knot! Often the most rewarding part of the wedding planning process is the honeymoon.  It is a chance for newlyweds to escape the crazy, stress-inducing wedding planning process and celebrate their love privately. A honeymoon should be a different kind of vacation. It is the ultimate trip, a time to celebrate the next chapter of your lives together, and go … Continue reading Honeymoon Du Jour!

Celebrating Your Grad

No matter whether its high school, college or beyond, graduation is a time to truly celebrate. These graduates have worked hard to achieve a lifelong dream of theirs. They have spent hours in the library cramming for tests, stayed up all night writing final papers, and  never gave up no matter how hard it got. And because of their perseverance, they made it through successfully … Continue reading Celebrating Your Grad

Anniversary Gifts for Milestones

It is no secret that anniversary gifts have always been dreaded – from the responsibility of remembering the date, to picking out the right gift…what should be a special day often quickly becomes a source of anxiety. But stress no more, because it doesn’t have to be! My first piece of advice is to forget about the traditional milestone anniversary gifts. While they are good … Continue reading Anniversary Gifts for Milestones

Hello Newlyweds: What Comes After the Wedding?

Spring and Summer are the most popular seasons of the year to get married, and all of the weddings that were happening around me have made me truly nostalgic recently. I loved every minute of wedding planning and getting married, and I was (am) jealous of all of the people who were enjoying that wedding bliss feeling for themselves now. But then I also remembered … Continue reading Hello Newlyweds: What Comes After the Wedding?