The Best Part about Being Engaged


Since I’m planning a long distance wedding, I’ve had a bit longer of an engagement period than some brides. But while I love the extra time for my planning, I have to admit that at times its caused me to forget that I’m even getting married. To forget to relish in the excitement and joy of the whole experience.

I think it was because after my fiancé proposed, there was such an incredible “honeymoon period” of happiness. But life quickly got “back to normal” and I realized I had to remind myself occasionally to take a step back and just enjoy this amazing time.

Because being engaged is a wonderful feeling. It’s something that I have absolutely loved every minute of. I took some time recently to ask the amazing community of Hearts On Fire Facebook fans what they loved most about being engaged….and the responses were overwhelming. It was hard to narrow it down to any at all, but I’ve picked out a few of my favorites to share below.

A few to make your heart melt…

  • The world becomes a wonderful place. You know that there is someone in the world who loves you unconditionally at that point in time. You have eyes for no one but each other.” – Joyce B.
  • “Knowing that I was going to marry the man I loved and spend the rest of our lives together and the moment he cried as he gave me my ring and asked me to be his wife.” – Sue B-E.
  • “Knowing I was marrying the love of my life 🙂” – Shannon S.
  • “Being reminded every time I look at my hand that I’m promised a best friend for the rest of my life. Knowing that I’ll always have someone to count on and grow stronger with. Also, when people say “GIRL let me see that big ole rock!!” I love being engaged!!” – Alissa N.

One just for fun…

  • Ok the truth? The presents and parties.” – May H.

And something I am so looking forward to…

  • The best part was watching his face and the tear roll down his cheek as I walked towards him at the alter.” – Kenzie R.

Cheers to long and happy marriages for all!

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