Does Your Engagement Ring Shape Up?

Can you name your marquise from your princess?  If you can’t, don’t worry! A little known, but equally difficult aspect of picking out an engagement ring is picking out the right diamond shape for your bride-to-be, especially considering the many different designs there are to choose from.

Luckily, we’ve put together an easy and resourceful guide for you to use in case going it alone proves too difficult a task!


The round cut is the most popular and brilliant diamond shape of all time. A classic and simple look, this diamond cut is perfect for the sophisticated, elegant bride. It’s a subtle presence, yet its popularity throughout the years speaks volumes. For a ring that truly stands the test of time, the round diamond cut is the perfect fit.


HOF Signature Solitaire Engagement Ring


Dream (Princess Cut)

Similar in intensity and brilliance to the round cut, the dream cut is a square shaped diamond resembling a princess cut, capable of a lush and lavish design. For the woman who demands a refined presence, look no further than this diamond cut.


Dream Signature Solitaire Engagement Ring



If you want to step outside the box and go for an unconventional shape, the teardrop shape is the perfect choice. Made up of two sizes of round cut diamonds, the ring creates the illusion of a teardrop, creating a unique design that is hard to pass up on. Not commonly found, the woman who wears this ring will definitely turn heads.


Desire Teardrop Shape Engagement Ring – Diamond Band



A new design unique to Hearts On Fire, the hexagonal shaped engagement ring is one that requires a double take. At first glance, customers see a hexagonal diamond, but looking closer, the round cut diamond that actually sits in the center is adorned by other smaller round diamonds. For a look that is truly unique, and stunning, check out the hexagonal diamond shape today.


HOF Hexagonal Engagement Ring



Possibly the most regal and elegant of this list, the marquise shape is a sleek and luxurious design made up of three round cut rings. Resembling a narrow diamond, the smaller round cut diamonds sitting outside blend seamlessly together to accent the larger round diamond that sits in the center. For an elegant, yet bold design, look no further than the Marquise shape.


Desire Simply Regal Engagement Ring


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