Summer Wedding Themes You’ll Love

Looking for some themes for your big day? Get your Pinterest boards ready because here are some of our favorite summer wedding themes!

1. Seaside Chic

Whether you are tying the knot just steps from the sea or just have a deep love for all things nautical, there is always a way to keep your wedding chic. It is all about the décor, use hints of greenery, feminine florals, and wooden tables to make a beach wedding feel classy and fun! Having a sandy ceremony and reception is also not required to pull this theme off; you can incorporate the essence of the beach with things like: seashells, anchors, driftwood signs, coral, and colors like navy and white. Trick to pulling this off? Just don’t go overboard.



2. Rustic

A rustic style gives off a welcoming and relaxing countryside feeling. What better way to create a rustic theme than by having your venue outdoors. Play into the outdoor rustic ambiance with long farm tables and lots of wood accents. This could be with barrels, name cards, or even by incorporating it into your flowers. Speaking of flowers, be sure to keep them very simple and not over the top.  And what is a rustic wedding without mason jars? Mason jars can easily be incorporated whether you use them as glasses or in your center piece!


3. Fairytale Romance

Every little girl dreams of being a princess when she grows up, and why not make your wish come true for a night. Make your wedding dreamy, whimsical and magical just as if it were out of a movie. Maybe you base your theme off a Disney story like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella?  Perhaps you and your hubby to be arrive in a horse drawn carriage. To create a fairytale ambiance, decorate with lots of roses, gold accents and a grand chandelier. Whatever you do, just remember your tiara!



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