Trend Alert: Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s no secret that for ages women have dreaded bridesmaid dresses. The process of picking the right dress is stressful for both the bride and the wedding party. The bride has the near-impossible task in trying to pick a dress that makes everyone happy (including herself) … and the bridal party faces the burden of having to pay for a dress that they will probably never wear again (and might hate).

However, for future (lucky) bridesmaids everywhere, there is a new trend that is taking the bridal world by storm and I have to admit we really love it! Gone are the days of matching frilly, chiffon dresses … as brides everywhere are instead opting for mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

While it sounds like something many people would not like, it actually has so many perks. Not only does this trend let bridesmaids choose a dress that fits their body type, but it can give your bridal party a fun and fashion forward look.

However, if you do opt for mismatched dresses it is important to set guidelines, as you don’t want one bridesmaid wearing a long black dress and one wearing a short floral print. So here are some easy, fool proof ways to successfully mismatch bridesmaid dresses.


Same color, mismatched style – if you are not quite sure if mismatched dresses are for you, but you want to give your bridesmaids a little choice in their dress, this is a great option!


Same style, different colors – this is a fun way to mix things up, let girls choose the shade that looks best on them, and is a great way to work in your wedding colors. If you choose to do this, pick colors in the same family, for example pastels or different shades of the same color.


Pure mix up! – if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy uniformity, then this is the trend for you! Truly leaving the dress choice up to your bridesmaids, but similar to mixing colors, we suggest trying to keep a common trend among the dresses, such as having everyone wear lace, or the same color family.

The only rule to this fun new trend is to keep the length of the dresses the same. When the hems are the same length it creates a cohesive look in pictures and will make all the difference … I promise you’ll thank us for this advice!

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