Celebrating Your Grad

No matter whether its high school, college or beyond, graduation is a time to truly celebrate. These graduates have worked hard to achieve a lifelong dream of theirs. They have spent hours in the library cramming for tests, stayed up all night writing final papers, and  never gave up no matter how hard it got. And because of their perseverance, they made it through successfully with the skills and motivation to go out and take on the world. So, to celebrate this amazing milestone, show your graduate how proud you are of them with a gift symbolizing this moment in their life that they will cherish forever.

Wondering what you should get your grad? Don’t worry because we have got you covered! Here are some ideas that they are sure to love:

1. Dorm, college, or first apartment necessities. Your grad will most likely be overwhelmed about having to find everything they need for the next phase of their life. Some cute decorations and living necessities may seem small, but they will serve as very practical and thoughtful gifts that your grad will enjoy for a long time.


2. You can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet. Flowers are proven to be a classic, elegant and easy gift to show them how proud you are of their accomplishments.


3. A digital camera or journal. This gift is both very personal and very practical. Giving your grad an easy and fun way to create new memories can be one of the best gifts you could give them. As they start on a new chapter in their life, their documentation of those memories will be their most cherished possession.

4. Diamond Jewelry. Diamond jewelry is truly special gift that will be cherished forever. Since it is likely the first piece of diamond jewelry they will ever own, it will give it even more meaning. Encourage them to shoot for the stars with a beautiful piece from the Hearts On Fire Illa collection. The Illa Star Pendant and the Illa Single Diamond Comet Necklace are both timeless and fashion forward pieces, with a celebratory feel and of course a big sparkle!


5. Take a Trip. Backpacking across Europe, hiking in Costa Rica, or soaking up the sun in the Caribbean, traveling after graduation is a great gift for your grad! Not only will this give your grad a much needed break from their academics, but it will also give you time to bond with them before they start the next chapter of their life.


Whatever you decide to give your grad to celebrate this special moment, they are sure to love! So, good luck, happy hunting and congratulations to all the grads in your life!


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