Trend Alert: Mix and Match Diamond Bands

For as long as anyone can remember, wedding rings have traditionally included an engagement ring stacked perfectly with one band of the same metal type. However, the days of conformity are behind us!  After appearing in the fashion world for some time, stacked rings and mixed metals are just beginning to make a debut in the bridal & fashion industry, as a popular style that many millennial brides are taking part of.

One of the most popular trends among fashionable newlyweds and celebrities is mixing and matching different metal colors, as well as wearing multiple wedding bands with your engagement ring. Not only does this trend allow women to show off their unique style and individuality, but it is also very versatile, since the individual can easily add or remove bands to update their look.

Tips to create your unique look

EBP_7425 copy

Mix It Up – Rose gold adds a great pop of color to any classic bridal look! Add a rose gold band for a chic and feminine style.

Two Are Better Than One – Wear a wedding band on both sides of your engagement ring to create a bigger look.

Create Your Own Story – Like your engagement ring and wedding band, each ring tells a story. Adding a band can symbolize a special occasion like the birth of your first child or 25 years of marriage.

EBP_7362 copy

Dare To Be Different – Try wearing white, rose and yellow gold together to really stand out!

Less Is More – Not every bride wants a big engagement ring and that is okay! Beautiful bands can be just as special and unique as your relationship. Choose a bigger band like the Envelop Twist to stack with smaller diamond bands to create your bridal look.


However you decide to wear your bridal jewelry, make it your own!

EBP_7231-2 copy

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