Hello Newlyweds: What Comes After the Wedding?

Spring and Summer are the most popular seasons of the year to get married, and all of the weddings that were happening around me have made me truly nostalgic recently. I loved every minute of wedding planning and getting married, and I was (am) jealous of all of the people who were enjoying that wedding bliss feeling for themselves now.

But then I also remembered the feeling that comes next – the “so, what now?” feeling. Getting engaged is a truly amazing experience…and then wedding planning consumes your life…and then you have this amazing celebration. And then, it’s just all over, in what seems like the blink of an eye.

That’s why so many women have almost a post-wedding depression. Of course, you have so many amazing moments to come later in life, but for some people these might be farther in the distance and they need something to look forward to, or enjoy, right now. So what should you do to keep your amazing wedding memories fresh, and your romance alive as newlyweds?


Remember and Re-Live Your Wedding

And I don’t mean just for the first month or so, or when it’s an official anniversary. Take time to look through your wedding album or other items you have saved. Dance to your first dance song. Re-create your wedding meal or your wedding cake (much smaller obviously!) for a special occasion. Maybe even visit the site of your wedding. These experiences will bring back amazing feelings when they aren’t expected.

Make Your Anniversaries Truly Special

For the first few months after you get married, ease your “post-wedding pain” by celebrating often. It can be something small like a picture, card or flowers, or as big as a getaway or special night out. And as the years tick by, don’t forget about this special occasion. Your anniversary is a true celebration every year and you should make it feel that way.

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Enjoy Others’ Weddings

My husband and I were some of the first of our friends to get married, and when we started attending other weddings I realized that instead of being jealous of their special day, that it was the perfect time for us to make it our own special night. Weddings in general are so romantic and enjoyable, and we always take the time to truly enjoy each other and have fun during these special nights.

Make Date Nights a MUST

This is my number one rule for newlyweds. Once you are out of the honeymoon phase, it is easy to fall into a routine, especially if you have children fairly quick. No matter what your situation is, make date nights with your partner a priority, and make them consistent.

What is one way you keep the romance and fun alive in your relationship?


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